Practising at home

Preparing for your class

A Guide for Home Practice

Practising qigong is suitable for just about everyone so long as you listen to your body and modify or omit things that don’t feel good for you, and rest if you need to. If you have health conditions that you would like Jaya to be aware of please let her know in advance or at the start of class. If you have any doubts about what is appropriate for you please consult your health professional.

You do not need any special equipment. Loose, comfortable clothing and soft-soled shoes or bare feet are best, and a non-slippery floor surface. A yoga mat can be helpful to stand on sometimes for extra grip. You need enough space to turn around with outstretched arms and to stretch your arms overhead. Most qigong is done standing but much can also be done seated on a firm chair (like a dining chair): it can be helpful to have one nearby to sit down if you need to rest, and also if you need support for certain balancing movements. Occasionally we will do some practice on the floor: this will usually be mentioned in advance.

In the meditations at the end of most classes and during other events you will be invited to sit or lie down so you might like to arrange your space(s) in advance to have easy access to what you need to be comfortable, and a blanket or extra layer for warmth.

The Qi-mindful Zoom classroom

Our online teachings are offered on Zoom. It is helpful, but not essential, to have your own Zoom account to join our classes. To get a free Zoom account simply click HERE and register with your name and email address and then download the Zoom app to your device.

You can participate via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The larger your screen, the easier it will be to see the instruction. Some people connect their computer to their TV.

All classes aim to start on time. Whenever possible the classroom will open ten minutes before a class. You are welcome to come in and say hello to your friends and make new ones, either by unmuting yourself or by using the chat box. If you are not speaking, please mute your audio so as not to disturb others with your background noises (if you forget this the host may do it for you). If what you want is quiet before class, you can still come in early, just turn down the volume on your audio and keep an eye on the time so that you don’t miss when we begin.

The Zoom functions helpful to know about include:

  • muting and unmuting yourself
  • turning your video on and off
  • selecting speaker or gallery view
  • revealing or hiding and repositioning thumbnails (the smaller pictures of you and a few others that appear on your screen alongside the main speaker picture).

If this is new to you other people in the class will be very happy to help, and you can learn as you go along.

It is up to you whether you want to practise in class with your camera on or off, but if you want Jaya to see what you are doing you need your camera on and positioned so that you are in view. Jaya will spotlight her video during class and mute everyone else, and then invite you to unmute again after the practice so that you can say goodbye and ask questions. On Fridays after the half-hour class Jaya will usually be available longer to connect and respond to questions.


Practising at home means there is no teacher present with you in the room. By participating in any of our online or recorded classes you are therefore agreeing to take full responsibility for yourself and your practice environment.

Please click on the plus sign below to read our full home practice waiver.


Participating in Jaya Rudgard’s classes online – live stream or recorded

Taking responsibility for your own safety and wellbeing when doing class online

As you are participating these sessions without a teacher present in the room with you, please take all due care for your health, safety and surroundings. Make adjustments in the practice to take care of yourself. Also make sure your practice space is safe around you and under foot. You agree to take full responsibility for yourself, others, and your environment when doing these practices.

By participating in classes (live stream or recording), you agree to the following:

I understand that the program may involve physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional activity, including exercises that may tax my physical, intellectual, mental and emotional capacity. I understand and acknowledge that my participation in the program and in every separate part of it is purely voluntary and that at all times I will be free to choose NOT to participate in any part or all of the event. I acknowledge my responsibility for exercising my own judgment and initiative in choosing what parts of the event I will participate in. I acknowledge that my choices and my actions may pose a risk of injury to myself or others. By this consent I knowingly and voluntarily assume the risk of injury either to myself or caused to others by me in the program. I release Jaya Rudgard from any and all liability for injuries to myself. I agree to hold harmless Jaya Rudgard and any of her companies from any and all liability for injuries to myself and for any injury to others caused by me.