Qigong Workshop: Healing Sounds Video Recordings

Healing sounds are an ancient practice from medical qigong, which long ago observed that all humans tend to make similar sounds in certain circumstances, such as letting out a sigh to release stress.

The six healing sounds each resonate with a different organ system of the body. Combined with breath, movement and meditation they can be a powerful way to clear unhelpful energy or “pathogenic qi” from both the physical body and the emotions.

Learn how you can use these healing sounds in your own practice to help clear your system and support your ongoing health and wellbeing.

Purchasing this product gives you access to the following:


  • Introduction to the Healing Sounds Practice
  • Healing Sounds Organ Chart


  • Healing Sounds Workshop – Warm Up Exercise (11 mins)
  • Healing Sounds Workshop – Seated Practice (28 mins)
  • Healing Sounds Workshop – 5 Element Flow (40 mins)
  • Healing Sounds Workshop – Meditation with Healing Colours (10 mins)

Healing Sounds Workshop Snippet