Qi-mindful Summer Bundle 2022:

11 new live ZOOM classes in June and July, plus video recordings of all classes

Join Jaya live for some qigong practice and share the energy from her sabbatical!


11 classes £40.00 + 50% discount for all Qi-mindful monthly subscribers

Purchasing this product gives you access to the following:

  • 7 x 60 minute and 4 x 30 minute scheduled LIVE ZOOM classes with the chance to connect and ask questions
  • Access to all 11 video recordings of the classes


Friday 17th June9am – 9.30am
Saturday 18th June9am – 10am
Monday 27th June5pm – 6pm
Tuesday 28th June9am – 10am
Wednesday 29th June5pm – 6pm
Friday 1st July9am – 9.30am
Monday 4th July9am – 10am
Wednesday 6th July5pm – 6pm
Friday 8th July9am – 9.30am
Monday 18th July9am – 10am
Wednesday 20th July5pm – 6pm
Friday 22nd July9am – 9.30am