Qigong Workshop: Qigong for Springtime Video Recordings Access

Spring is associated with the energy of wood – of nature expanding and literally springing into new life – and with the qualities of strength, flexibility, creativity and kindness. This “wood” energy is nourished by the winter’s elemental force of water, which symbolises energy resting and moving downwards.

This workshop focuses on movements connected with the water and wood elements, as winter gives birth to spring.

The first standing practice develops flexibility with warmups and movements such as Swimming Dragon and the second standing practice takes us into flows including Fountain and Repulse the Monkey.

The workshop ends with a relaxing floor sequence.

Purchasing this product gives you access to the following:


  • Springtime Workshop Part 1 – Standing (40 mins)
  • Springtime Workshop Part 2 (30 mins)
  • Springtime Workshop Part 3 – Lying (15 mins)

Qigong for Springtime Workshop Snippet