Practising Qi-mindful qigong

What students are saying…


“Jaya is a warm and engaging teacher of high integrity who leads enjoyable qigong sessions that pass by all too quickly. I enjoy the sense of play and the sense of the benefit of Qi that flows so easily in Jaya’s sessions. I leave these sessions feeling energized and glad to have participated.
Thank you Jaya for such a pleasant way to maintain and improve my health and well being.”
Paul, Canada

“Since practising with the movements I feel new and more energy arising in the heart.

I feel bubbles of joy and softness throughout my body.

I am 74 years of age.”

Niah, Manchester

“Jaya has the rare ability to combine technical knowledge with flexibility and a sense of fun. Her sessions always ‘hit the spot’ and are exactly what I need in that moment. Her affinity with nature and use of imagery bring a depth and grounding that make the experience both inspiring and stimulating. Jaya provides a very special mind-body-spirit practice.”

Helen, Surrrey

“I feel as though I’ve come home with Jaya’s Qi Gong. I’ve never felt right with yoga or Tai Chi.

Here there is a real sense of effortless flow and the sessions feel in sympathy with the meditation. There is no push: it’s “do as much as feels right for you”. Thank you Jaya. I’m in love with Qi Gong.”

Carole, Dorset

“I have greatly appreciated the gentle yet clear guidance that Jaya has offered in the Zoom sessions. Though we are a continent apart, Jaya welcomes me into her practice space in a warm and inviting manner.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to practise with Jaya and the community.”

Andrea, Saskatchewan

“I was new to Qi Gong and wasn’t sure if it was for me when I started, but Qi Gong classes with Jaya have become such a refreshing part of my week. These classes helped me feel more grounded, sane and also physically healthier. Highly recommended!”

Mira, Germany

“I was a total Qigong novice until a recent insight meditation retreat. As part of the retreat, Jaya led a daily Qigong practice. I loved this mindful movement practice which suited me very well as I have some back and neck and shoulder issues which exclude other types of movement.

Jaya inspires confidence. Her calm, friendly and steady approach to the practice itself and to teaching helped me to explore Qigong with curiosity and confidence. I found the movements easy to follow thanks to her combination of skilled demonstration and explanation.

Thank you, Jaya for introducing me to this wonderful practice and for your refreshing teaching!”

Bridget, Oxford

“I experience Jaya as a very gifted and skilful qigong teacher. Her classes and guidance feel wonderfully clear, accessible and beautifully paced.

There’s a fluency to her sequencing of practices that suits this body and nervous system very well. I also appreciate the depth and enrichment that her considerable experience as a Dharma practitioner and teacher bring to her qigong teaching.

I recommend her classes whole-heartedly!”

Chris, Oxford

“I have been attending Jaya’s online qigong classes regularly over the past 6 months. Not only are these classes beneficial for body and mind but they are also really fun.

I have issues with arthritis and I find the regular practice helps keep my joints flexible and gives my whole body an energetic boost. Jaya’s teaching style is warm and encouraging, welcoming all, regardless of experience or familiarity with qigong.

As there are no qigong classes where I live, being able to attend a regular class online is a gift.”

Deborah, Cork

“I come away from the sessions more grounded and connected in my body, and steady and alert in my mind. Body and mind feel integrated.

The practice feels like a gift to my whole being.”

Rebecca, North Wales

“Thank you for bringing this whole gig into my life – it has been a real highlight of 2020 for me, and the upside of zooming as a main hobby! And seeing friends in their own homes has given me a sense of community at a time of isolation.”

Susanna, Norfolk

“I absolutely love your classes and feel real benefit from them on different levels. Many thanks for everything you are doing.”

Helena, Hertfordshire

“I can’t really thank you enough for all the qi gong during this time – it has literally been a life-saving discovery for me.”

Sue, Yorkshire

“The way you offer this practice is of immense benefit to me in my life and my work.”

Elizabeth, Edinburgh

“A brilliant start and end of a day for young and old. Highly recommended!”

Ina, Holland